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Allow the Plow

The danger of frost had not passed.

I thought that it had, but it came and took a toll on the new growth.
Fortunately the roots of the corn and tomatoes were well protected, but the leaves wilted and it will take awhile for new growth to emerge.
This is not unlike the chill that comes into my soul from the sin which so easily besets me.  Any new growth leading to fruitfulness is easily stifled.
The chill gives an advantage to that root of sin that is so insidious, I don’t even realize when I am engaged in the idolatry of self. Only by God’s grace does the rain of God’s righteousness on newly plowed furrows of my soul restore me to fruitfulness.
It is the discipline of grace from God that cuts into the hardened clay of my heart and turns it over to expose this idolatry.  I do not like it, yet it deepens my experience with God.
When you or I allow the plow, we see what God sees, we know as we are known. If we deny what is exposed by deflecting blame to others or to God, we are kept from the fullness of God’s bounty in His garden.
God gives us the choice and He respects that choice. However, if we persist in our intransigence, God will give us up to do what we desire. Some of the most solemn words of Scripture are recorded in Romans 1:26 where the Apostle Paul writes concerning the rebellious heart: “For this reason God gave them up…”

Not all suffering is the result of our sin.

Sometimes the purpose of suffering may be for us simply to see sin for the awfulness that it is. Yet there are times when suffering in the body is the dearth of a rebellious spirit.
When we refuse to accept God’s guilty verdict, we are claiming infallibility. When we shift blame to others, we are claiming an exalted position over others. When we blame God for our condition, we are sitting in judgment on God. In all of this, we are showing ourselves to be idolators at heart.
The Spirit of the Lord says it so beautifully through the prophet Hosea:
“Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for [it is] time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.”
Hosea 10:12
So, the plow is necessary to uproot and expose the depravity of our heart in order to make room for strong plants capable of surviving a frost and able to take in the Lord’s righteous rain.

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