What If This Was the Last Christmas?

Strange question? Just suppose that Christianity is outlawed in the United States. That is not as far-fetched as you might think. Christians are already being banned on social media sites because the message of the gospel is considered hateful and divisive. Christians all over the world are losing government protections....

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The Teachable God?

Is it blasphemy to assert that God is teachable? God is omniscient, He knows all things and does not need man to teach Him anything. Clearly, the Word of God teaches us that we have nothing to inform God of. “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his...

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Allow the Plow

The danger of frost had not passed. I thought that it had, but it came and took a toll on the new growth. Fortunately the roots of the corn and tomatoes were well protected, but the leaves wilted and it will take awhile for new growth to emerge. This is...

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Becoming Jonathans – Part 2

This is the stuff that Hollywood dramas are made of… Palace intrigues; jealousies and power grabs. In this case it would have to be a work of fiction… the usual Hollywood drivel…since reality is just the opposite. So far we are learning that the prince of Israel, King Saul’s son...

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April 30, 1975 Saigon

–>Portions of the following account is taken from an article in the San Diego Union Tribune April 29, 2012 ____________________________ April 30, 1975 – Saigon For the previous ten years, the democratically elected government of South Vietnam and her American allies fought the communist troops of North Vietnam. The United...

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Don’t Lose Your Head

The Headship of Christ In a world intent on disruption of social order, it is important to be reminded of who is really in charge in this world. “Why does the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?”… The Psalmist writes…for God is still sovereign in the heavens...

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Ready to Depart

Northern Visitors We enjoyed a visit from our brother and sister Stu and Nancy Thompson from Sherman Michigan this past Lord’s day. Our brother and sister ministered unto us out of the Word of God with two messages that can be heard  by clicking on the left side arrow.  ...

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