Sitting in Judgment on God

“…All this most horrible injustice ever, perpetrated by the religious leaders of Israel…judges who themselves were criminals and a seeming criminal who is himself the real judge. His majesty, His innocence, His silence is wondrous. They condemn themselves. They damn themselves. And so will you if you wrongly judge Christ....

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The Ballad of Rodger Young

It was an odd request… The company commander was a busy man that morning in June of 1943. He looked up sharply when Sergeant Young, a thin, pale, and bespectacled staff sergeant, walked into his tent, saluted and said: “Sir, I would like to request permission to be reduced to...

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Is God Capricious?

Is God Capricious in Salvation? ca·​pri·​cious | \ kə-ˈpri-shəs  , -ˈprē-  \ Definition of capricious : governed or characterized by caprice: IMPULSIVE, UNPREDICTABLE Is it just me? Why does God in the Old Testament seem to be so much different than God in the New Testament? I used to date a girl that was very capricious. Her unpredictability was fun for...

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Why Does Evil Reign?

If Jesus is on the Throne, Why Does Evil Reign? A young Sunday school student once shared an observation with me after I taught about Jesus power and authority over all creation.  In particular, I was trying to stress the victory over Satan that Jesus gained by His death and...

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