The Lord’s Goodness

Rags to Riches It is the dream of every immigrant that comes to North America, that they might leave their former life and find a new opportunity for their family to prosper. In this message, our brother Joseph Baker reminds us of the goodness of God as seen in the...

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Marriage Bumps

Dr Sandy Higgins presents an excellent series of lectures on Christian Marriage at the Ohio Ministry meetings in 2017. Dr. Higgins points out in this message that Christian marriage was never intended by God to be the vehicle for meeting every need of each spouse. It is instead a vehicle for...

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He Cherished This Man’s Son…

What A Great Deal! In this short video, we learn the story of a poor gardener that inherited his rich employers fortune because of one simple act of devotion and appreciation. Open up your bibles with me please to John 3 and we are going to read all of one...

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License to Kill

Are We Mortifying the Flesh or Fortifying the Flesh? License to Kill: Romans 8:12,13 “You uncover what is, when you get rid of what isn’t “ R. Buckminster Fuller The difficulty with the passage before us, is not in its complex theology but it is in understanding the full scope...

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What If I Make the Wrong Choice?

Is God Detail-Oriented? Lots of young people have big life-altering decisions to make regarding college, career, and relationships, and if they’re like me, deep down they’re scared. (What if I make the wrong choice? What if I’m wasting my time/money in college? What if this isn’t God’s will for me?) Is...

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Bagger 288 The Largest Land Vehicle in the World

Doing Big Things For God

Does God Care about Small Things?   Often we subconsciously wonder “Does God care about the small things I am doing?” or “Does God care about me?” Matthew 10:42 promises “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly,...

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False Pride

The Day Shall Declare It… I recently spent some time helping my wife’s sister in law with moving. My wife was quick to extol my efforts and make me feel as if I had just completed the world’s first heart transplant. It was a sweet reward. Yet I see in...

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