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Why Do Babies Die?

Guilty of ‘Joint Enterprise’ Any death causes us to question God’s reality or purpose but it is a heart break beyond description to lose your baby child. This video explores Paul’s epistle to the Romans and the reason given for death and suffering in this world.

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The Trial of the Trail

When life gets difficult… In this short video an excerpt from the lives of missionaries to Peru in the 1920’s teach us much about the purpose of life’s difficulties. Our trails are trials. Faith is tested at every turn and by every prospect of the unknown that lay before us....

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The Old Gospel and The New Birth

The New Age Movement promotes something called, “the acceptance of sharing”. Presumably, it means that as mankind comes to share a common belief in humanity itself, we will know a universal acceptance with God however we perceive Him to be.    This is a form of ‘group think’ and ‘group...

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Clear and Present Danger

Man of Sin? On April 25, 1982, the L.A. Times ran an ad from a group of new age proponents declaring that ‘Lord Maitreya’ was already here and awaiting the time to reveal himself. At that time, they claim, he will be universally recognized as a savior in the midst...

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What is the Old Lie?

False Gospels   There are many ‘gospels’ in our world today. They proclaim good news for mankind by committing ourselves to a certain set of rules or laws. It may be ‘biblically-based’ by keeping religious traditions or the law of Moses. It may be more philosophical such as the ‘law...

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New Age or Old Lie?

The Coming New World Order Do we need ‘A Higher Consciousness’ in order to bring about a global new world order? Is this present world system collapsing to make way for a new world order? Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Do the current decisions by those...

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Is Love Your God or Is Your God Love?

The Idolatry of Human Emotion In a succinct and excellent article by Dr. A.J. Higgins, a subtle difference in worldview is defined between what is commonly defined as love but is in reality divorced from righteousness. The idea that ‘love is never wrong’ is just, well…wrong.  As he states: “Emotive...

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