Can you keep A Secret?

Most of us are familiar with the game ‘telephone’ in which someone whispers in the ear of someone else a secret. It is then that person’s duty to tell the secret to the person next to them…and that person tells the secret to another person until it comes around to...

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“Next year…in Jerusalem” This is the hopeful expression of every Jew that loves and waits for the appearance of Messiah who will rule and reign from Jerusalem. The Jewish Experience has always involved their anticipation of Messiah. This video examines how Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Messiah’s appearance is relevant for us...

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Life’s Essential Elements

Success in life, …like success in any endeavor, has essential elements that cannot be skipped. For instance: Baking a pie (sugar, not salt) Running a race (no false starts, stay in your line, training and nutrition) In Luke 18, the Lord Jesus gives us one essential for successful living…the necessity...

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Squirrel courting

Can We Find A Faithful Man?

What does the last battle fought between the United States and Great Britain teach us about our relationship with God? In this video, we will be learning how it is not as hard to find a faithful man as it might seem. However, if you are looking for a husband,...

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albert einstein

When Subtraction = Multiplication

 Serious Business In biology, there are substances that inhibit the growth of other substances. Our immune system for instance has killer cells that roam about looking for foreign invaders like bacteria. When these killer cells are removed, then bacteria can multiply rapidly producing sickness. In the same manner, when bacteria...

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Death Wish

A Visceral Response Readers of this blog probably are not expecting to see a review or even a reference to a 1974 movie starring Charles Bronson. The plot involved a visceral response to a horrific crime. Though the book on which it was based was a statement against vigilante justice,...

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