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False Pride

The Day Shall Declare It…

I recently spent some time helping my wife’s sister in law with moving. My wife was quick to extol my efforts and make me feel as if I had just completed the world’s first heart transplant. It was a sweet reward.

Yet I see in my heart’s response that subtle ploy that robs me of the joy of presenting Christ with something of lasting value. 

“The sacrifices of God [are] a broken spirit: 

a broken and a contrite heart, 

O God, thou wilt not despise.” 

[Psa 51:17 KJV] 

It is often the praise that we receive of men that, if we allow it, can rob God of blessing more than any false accusations leveled against us…

Falsely Accused

Psalm 7 reminds us of the refuge that David found in God while being falsely accused by his enemies. He draws a picture of God standing at the ready, with sword drawn and arrows slung on a stretched bow taking aim at the wicked. 

David runs beneath the warrior arms of God and finds a shield and a safe place. He does not claim a perfect righteousness in all things but in the particular matter that David is accused of, he declares his innocence boldly before God knowing that his conscience is clear in this matter.

David’s spirit was broken, his heart was crushed by the rejection of his son Absalom and the people of Israel who preferred Absalom over David. Yet with all of that David finds acceptance with God because his heart was not at this time lifted up with pride.

In contrast, God is at the ready to punish man’s wickedness. Yet, David writes this in v. 11 what the best manuscripts have rendered, “God is NOT angry with the wicked every day“. If God was without mercy the arrow that He has drawn in His bow would have been released to our eternal destruction.

Yet God waits for repentance, He waits for the contrite hearts, the hearts crushed by the weight of vanity that comes from within us as well as outside of us. 

“For thou, Lord, [art] good, and ready to forgive; 

and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee.” 

[Psa 86:5 KJV] 

So, it seems that the right attitude is to be gracious if we receive a compliment and thank God and the giver of the compliment for whatever encouragement it renders. At the same time, when we are wrongly accused, let us also rejoice at the merciful and powerful refuge God affords to the contrite heart and broken spirit.

There is a day that is coming soon when the bow that is stretched out with an arrow that is aimed at man’s false pride will be let go.

That day shall declare on which side of God’s arrow our heart lies.


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