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He Cherished This Man’s Son…

What A Great Deal!

In this short video, we learn the story of a poor gardener that inherited his rich employers fortune because of one simple act of devotion and appreciation.

Open up your bibles with me please to John 3
and we are going to read all of one verse in John chapter 3, the very final verse, John 3:36


“He that believeth on the son hath everlasting life and he that hath not the Son shall not see life but the wrath of God abideth on him.”


I’ve been thinking about the Son…
and, I just can’t think of any better way to express the value of the Son than to tell you a story.

So this story has to do with a wealthy man who was an art collector
He enjoyed collecting rare paintings. and they were expensive paintings, rare paintings, high quality….means expensive

Well, this man had just one son…
and his love for Art was passed on to his son
and his son helped him to acquire some of his fabulous paintings
Well, the Vietnam war broke out and the son went over to fight in that conflict…the son did not come back

Of course the father was heartbroken as you can imagine…His only son

After a few months there was a knock at the door of the father and here was a young man with a package
the young man expressed how that he had known this son and not only did he know him but it was his son that saved his life
but in the process he was killed.

As a tribute to this son, he had done his best to paint a portrait of his son

Now this young man was not a fine artist…the brush strokes were maybe a bit crude and yet there certainly was a likeness to his son in this painting. This wasn’t a masterpiece but it was definitely a portrait of his son,,,and so, the older man ,the father offered to buy the painting.

The young man said, no, no this is a gift

And so this painting of his son went above the (fireplace) mantle in his home
Any that would come to enjoy looking at some of the very fine masterpieces that this man had collected, they were always directed first to the picture above the mantle to the picture of the painting of the mans son first…

Only after hearing o the mans son would they move on to look at these masterpieces.


Cherish the Son


Over time the man died and what was to become of this collection of this fortune of fine paintings?
They were to be auctioned off and the very first painting to be auctioned off was the painting of the man’s son.

People travelled far and wide for an opportunity to purchase one of these masterpieces that the man had collected pieces that were going to go for tens of thousands of dollars but this painting of the mans son was quite crude by comparison.

So, this painting was presented before the audience and of course the auctioneer started the bidding off:
“A thousand dollars, who will give me a thousand dollars?”


“Who will give me a hundred dollars for this painting?”

Some in the audience were a little impatient…

They had come here to purchase a masterpiece and they would have rather have just skipped this painting

The auctioneer continued on: “who will give me fifty dollars?, fifty dollars?”
“who will give me twenty?…ten dollars, someone surely would pay ten dollars of this painting.

Finally, the gardener who had worked for this man…who know the man and knew the son…was not a wealthy man,

But, he had ten dollars.

So he bid ten dollars.. “Ten dollars, who will give me twenty?”

There was silence

“I’ve got ten, who will give me twenty?…twenty?…someone, twenty”
Twenty for the son? twenty going once, going twice, going three times
the gavel came down….sold!…for ten dollars

“Im sorry but the auction is over”


The audience was alarmed, I mean they were enraged,
They had travelled this great distance,
They had come ready to buy one of these fine masterpieces
And now the auction was closed!

They could not believe it! They couldn’t understand it…
“What is the meaning of this? How can this be?”

The auctioneer explained…

There was a stipulation in the will of this father
And so to the one who took the son…he would get everything
He would take all the masterpieces
He would take the fortune in fine art that this man had acquired over many years

Because he took the son.
The son was all the difference wasn’t it?
To most of the audience, they had no time for this mans son…
This man’s son meant nothing to most of them

But to one man in that audience, the son made all the difference, didn’t it?

That poor gardener never imagined the wealth that he would acquire that day

That would come to him all because, he took the son


Who Will Take the Son?


This simple story reminds me of the Lord Jesus Christ,
It reminds of one who died providing salvation for whoso ever will
The audience reminds me of people in this world
And to some people in this world, the Son,
The Lord Jesus Christ means nothing, nothing, nothing at all
But to others he means everything doesn’t he?

What He has done for us, He’s made us millionaires hasn’t he?
We have wealth…not down here
We have treasure laid up in heaven.

We are going to be in a place where the street is paved with gold
and that is not really going to be a big attraction to us there.

A street paved with gold, that’s not the big attraction…the big attraction is the Son,

He’s going to be there, right in the middle
The glory of Him is going to illuminate that whole place

And today, the one who takes the Son gets everything

It’s never being punished for sin, it’s eternal life… it is entry into God’s heaven

Who will take the Son?

That’s the question today for you if you are unsaved.

Who will take the Son?

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