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Is Love Your God or Is Your God Love?

The Idolatry of Human Emotion

In a succinct and excellent article by Dr. A.J. Higgins, a subtle difference in worldview is defined between what is commonly defined as love but is in reality divorced from righteousness. The idea that ‘love is never wrong’ is just, well…wrong.  As he states:

“Emotive ethics, deciding right and wrong on the basis of how it makes you feel, is the cancer which is rapidly destroying the fabric of western society. Individuals have risen to the bait of Satan and ‘become as God’ deciding for themselves what is good and evil”

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After all, the German people of the 1930’s were deeply motivated by nationalistic zeal and ‘love of country’ to allow a bully by the name of Hitler to rise to power and decimate Europe with genocide and fascism. Many forms of unrighteous behavior are now called ‘love’ and any opposition to such behavior is labeled a hate crime.

As we descend into the abyss of defining love by social media, we find that those who love righteousness and hate iniquity are hated by those who insist that love is their god.


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