08 – Post Exile -The Kingdom Offered and Declined

Have you ever wanted to get a better grasp of the entirety of the Bible?

Are you confused about the difference between the role of the church and the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

This video is the eighth in a series of presentations by Dr Andy Woods of Sugarland Bible Church in Sugarland Texas, USA. This series presents a sound exegesis from a dispensational perspective of one of the major themes of the Bible – specifically the Biblical presentation and unfolding of God’s Kingdom plan for the earth.

Dr Woods has a very deliberate and didactic delivery of his content. These 84 messages were originally delivered to the Sugarland Bible church in 2017. This is an edited version of those lectures that removed a majority of the pauses, verbal ‘clicks’ and other potentially distracting idiosyncrasies. In most cases this reduced each presentation by around 10 minutes from the original. In addition some slides have been added using non copyrighted open source images. The original original introduction can by found at https://slbc.org/sermon/the-coming-kingdom-008/

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