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Sitting in Judgment on God

“…All this most horrible injustice ever, perpetrated by the religious leaders of Israel…judges who themselves were criminals and a seeming criminal who is himself the real judge. His majesty, His innocence, His silence is wondrous. They condemn themselves. They damn themselves.

And so will you if you wrongly judge Christ. There is no escaping that. If you wrongly judge Christ, mark it, He will rightly judge you. Unbelief, impenitence, independence, standing apart from Christ will condemn you just as it condemned them. There is no escape. All men render a verdict on Christ. They did and so do you. And it is a verdict that has massive consequences for eternity..”

John MacArthur

Some time ago I spoke similar words to these when my mother was in the audience. Her reaction was to accuse me of anti-semitism because I was critical of the religious leaders of Israel.

I understood why she felt that way because she had grown up during a time when a madman had taken upon himself to rid the world of ‘the Jewish problem’. Hitler justified his actions by taking a cue from the German reformer, Martin Luther and calling Jews, “Christ-killers”.

However, the accusation of anti-semitism whenever you are critical of the Jewish leaders of Christ’s day is specious at best and only deflects from the real message contained in the above quote from John MacArthur.

The point is that all of us who reject Christ’s message of salvation by grace apart from works are sitting in judgment on Christ. We do so to our own peril. It reveals the same arrogance as those religious leaders that unjustly condemned Christ to crucifixion because of the threat that He posed to their authority.

None of us experience God’s salvation without first experiencing the guilt of thinking wrongly about Jesus Christ. Believing on Him simply means that we change our mind (repent) about who Christ is and what He has done for each of us. Until I discovered that I had nothing to offer God and that I am cast entirely on His mercy, I never knew the meaning of His grace.

Likewise for any soul to be saved, it is not enough to believe that Jesus died for the sin of the world. In order to fully experience grace, each one must be able to say that he died for me.


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