Strong Delusion

Babylon and the Beast Part 2 Just Say No! Most of you who read this are likely much more resistant to sales pitches than myself. I have had to train myself to read through sales pitches just for the opportunity to say “no!” to the psychological schemes that are employed...

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Cons-piracy Theory

There are endless versions of this joke:.. When asked how many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?… the predictable response is… …Change? An aversion to change is not just true of Christians. We have our traditions, some are biblical and to be guarded. Still, some traditions are...

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The Old Gospel and The New Birth

The New Age Movement promotes something called, “the acceptance of sharing”. Presumably, it means that as mankind comes to share a common belief in humanity itself, we will know a universal acceptance with God however we perceive Him to be.    This is a form of ‘group think’ and ‘group...

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Clear and Present Danger

Man of Sin? On April 25, 1982, the L.A. Times ran an ad from a group of new age proponents declaring that ‘Lord Maitreya’ was already here and awaiting the time to reveal himself. At that time, they claim, he will be universally recognized as a savior in the midst...

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What is the Old Lie?

False Gospels   There are many ‘gospels’ in our world today. They proclaim good news for mankind by committing ourselves to a certain set of rules or laws. It may be ‘biblically-based’ by keeping religious traditions or the law of Moses. It may be more philosophical such as the ‘law...

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New Age or Old Lie?

The Coming New World Order Do we need ‘A Higher Consciousness’ in order to bring about a global new world order? Is this present world system collapsing to make way for a new world order? Is this the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Do the current decisions by those...

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