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Why Would a Loving God Send People to Hell?

When Good Becomes Evil

Read Luke 16: 19-31

Let us suppose that your family meets at the breakfast table tomorrow morning and you announce that you, as parents will no longer interfere in arguments between members of the family.

Furthermore, all of the locks on the doors are going to be removed and if someone wants to take your things or hurt you in some way, it is up to you to defend yourself. The parents are just going to watch and maybe object but will not use force or punishment in any way to try and stop you from being harmed or stolen from.


Also, you here announced that the police force and military are disbanded and will no longer offer protection. So, any calls to the police will be ignored.

What do you suppose your world would look like?

Would you be at peace or full of fear?

Would life be good or bad?

Would you call these parents good or bad?

Would that kind of government good or bad?

So, we need a government that punishes evil deeds, don’t we?

Does our government punish people that lie, or cheat or steal or kill or hurt other people?

So can we agree that those things are evil?

Then Evil Becomes Good


What happens to people who break into other people’s houses, steal their things and hurt or even kill them?

So if good government punishes those people who disobey its laws, even sending them to jail for the rest of their life or sentencing them to death, bad government does none of those things.

So, is God good if He does not punish people who disobey His Law?

Then what kind of a God is it that punishes people to eternal, conscious torment?


Is He good, or is He bad?…


Sometimes we hear people say that they want to go to hell so that they can be with their friends. Yet he man that the Lord Jesus describes  (In Luke 16) as in hell doesn’t want his family to go there. He does not want them to suffer in that place.


This is why God commands us to preach the gospel. He does not want you to perish, He does not want your loved ones to stand beside your lifeless body and know that you will be in hell for eternity because you refused to believe God’s Word and repent of your sin.


In Luke 16: 19-31, The Lord Jesus pulls back the curtain of eternity for us. He shows us what happens to us when we die. We either go to be with God (called Abraham’s bosom by the Jews) or we go to hell for unending torments.


But, you say, I am not that bad, God would never send me to hell.


“It doesn’t matter how bad you and I are, it just matters that you and I are bad.”


God has already said that none of us are good, we are all gone away from Him, we have all sought our own way, no one is righteous in God’s eyes…except one man. The rest of us are evil…all of us have sinned.

Furthermore, our sin doesn’t have to be great in our eyes. The important thing is who is sinned against. After all an iceball thrown at your sister, while it is a serious wrong, it does not have nearly as great a consequence as a snowball thrown at the President of the United States.


Any sin is an affront to God. It would be unjust for God not to punish sinners.


So if God is good, He must punish evil-doers.


If He says that we are evil and He is good, then how can He not punish us?


The Touchstone


The word torment actually refers to a ‘touchstone’. This is a special kind of stone, a black stone used to test the purity of gold or silver. The purity of the metal can be seen by the color of the streak left behind when it is rubbed across the black stone. So, if the metal is impure or fake, it will be made obvious for everyone to see.


The Word of God is like a touchstone. It is the standard for what is true or false; light or dark, a child of God or a child of evil;


Here is a mystery….


The Lord Jesus, because of His Divine eternal nature was able to endure eternal, conscious judgment in what was for man 3 hours while He hung in darkness on the cross. He proved Himself to be ‘the lamb slain since before the foundation of the world’ (Revelation 13:8) and ‘the lamb that stands in the midst of the throne of God’. (Rev 5:6)


The Word of God was the touchstone that demonstrated the Lord Jesus as the perfect Lamb, the perfect sacrifice, whose death and resurrection declares any who put their trust in Him as righteous and perfected in Christ.


Now the Word of God serves as a touchstone to prove you and I, whether our soul is purchased with real value to God or if we are cast off and doomed to eternal, conscious torments…


This is a good moment to stop and consider the reality of our standing before God…

Are you saved, dear Reader?….


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